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Whether you're healthy or ill, planning for your death needs to be done before it happens. We ask the hard questions now so that the answers will be easy when you and your loved ones need them. 

We offer two service level options. Essential End of Life Planning prepares an Advance Directive that will make your decisions clear to your loved ones. Our Comprehensive End of Life Planning works through the essential details PLUS helps you prepare & organize all the information someone would need to wrap up your affairs. We offer notary services to make it easier to file final documents.

We offer logistical guidance--not financial or legal advice. We make sure that resources are in the places WHERE they are needed, so you are prepared WHEN they are needed.

 Clear conversations and specific directions can ease the minds of everyone involved and relieve some of the anxiety wrapped up in thinking about your death. It’s also a huge kindness for those left behind.  

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Clarifying your life's meaning makes dying more peaceful and living more powerful. We offer two legacy services, depending on your goals. 

Life Review is a one-on-one exploration of your life history with the goal of discerning your successes, your regrets, and what you still hope to accomplish. It's an excellent way to come to peace with your life before dying. For the healthy, life review helps you reinvigorate and redirect your life so that you are living joyfully and without regrets. 

Our second service is helping you create a Legacy Project. There are all kinds of projects we can do to pass something along to your heirs besides your possessions and money. 

A legacy project incorporates memories and personality into some sort of keepsake. A few examples: creating a video eulogy, letters to children and grandchildren, writing stories to annotate a recipe collection, or a book of milestones and lessons from your life.

Legacy projects as well as life review can be done at any time in your life. In addition to working one on one, we will be offering group workshops and retreats on legacy and meaning. Check our Events section for free talks and workshops.

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Living your last moments in a sacred, personalized space and being memorialized as you wish are choices most of us don't realize we have. 


Sunset Doulas can advise you on how to create a detailed plan for the final days, during which we honor the individual’s wishes for who should be present, music, touch, readings, & rituals.

From teaching you about and sitting with you during bedside vigil, to wrapping up affairs and helping with grief, we support you and your loved ones in the ways you choose.

If desired, we can also advise you on creating a personalized celebration of life. Our goal is to empower the family to experience a good death and celebration of life as they define it.

Our Closure Consultation starts with a 60-minute discussion and education session. We can book more time as needed. Any members of the family may attend, as according to the wishes of the dying.

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What Is an End of Life Doula?

Filling a Gap in Care

End of life doulas (aka "Death Doulas") are transforming the way people die by guiding them and their loved ones through the process of death in an open, supportive, and practical way. 

End of life doulas help the dying find meaning in their lives through deep listening, legacy projects, and guided visualizations. They nurture, inform, support, guide, empower and comfort. They provide non-medical, non-judgmental support and guidance to individuals and families through times of critical life change.

They also empower the dying throughout the entire process by addressing worries and issues, informing everyone about the stages of dying, and being present through the end as the advocate for your wishes. 

The goal is to give as much control and ease to the dying as possible about the conditions surrounding their death including, but not limited to: 

  • What they want the space to look like, whether dying at home or in hospice. 
  • Who they want to visit them, and how they want to interact.
  • What spiritual or religious rituals they want.
  • Whether they want a "living" funeral--to celebrate life with friends and family while they can--or a memorial after death, or both. 
  • Whether they want a vigil--people sitting with them in the final hours of dying.
  • Whether they want a green or traditional burial, cremation, or another option.

An end of life doula creates a safe space for navigating through this most difficult of times--before and during for the dying, and after death for loved ones who are grieving and coping with final affairs.

End of life Doulas are non-medical professionals who supplement the work of hospices by spending much-needed additional time with the dying and their loved ones. For instance, they can begin their work well before someone needs hospice.

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About Us

Marcy McDonald

Marcy is the owner of Sunset Doulas and trained with INELDA (International End-of-Life Doula Association), Going with Grace, Maggie's Hospice, and Humana-Kindred Family Care. Qualified to do both end-of-life planning and doula care, she has earned the Proficiency Badge from the National End of Life Doula Alliance (NEDA).

After the deaths of her brother and parents, Marcy felt called to help others prepare for the end of their lives and to help create a sacred passing for them.

She is the author of Build Happiness: Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life, a neuroscience-based guide to living fully in the present. She has long worked in education and coaching. 

Marcy's dog Tigger is a therapy dog for veterans and the dying, and an official volunteer for Maggie's Hospice.

Why does the business use the plural for "doulas" if Marcy is the sole owner?

Marcy collaborates with other end of life doulas as needed to provide optimum care for the dying and their loved ones. For instance, if you want to have a doula present throughout the night during a vigil, we share these duties.

Marcy and her collaborators believe in the dignity of every individual and that death should be a natural and loving experience. Our end of life doula services support family and loved ones without regard to race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, or national origin.

Questions? Want to Move Forward?

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If you or a loved one is dying, let's talk about how end of life planning and doula work can help make this easier. 

If you are healthy, creating a comprehensive, end-of-life plan now will ensure your loved ones aren't burdened with decision-making should you die suddenly. 


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Khalid: "Grief and Gratitude" Group

Date:  February 16, March 15, April 19, 2020/6:30-8:00 PM

Location: Collective Karma

450 W. Goodwin #106 

Prescott, AZ 86303

Love Donation: $5

This is a joint venture with threshold singers and doulas Sage Lewis and James Schattauer. We invite anyone wanting to share both grief and gratitude for loved ones (human or pets or both) in a loosely structured session designed to bring light and comfort. We will sing, draw, meditate, and share around a memorial altar. Each of the three sessions will be slightly different. Come to just one or all three, as brings you peace. For more details, please email marcy@sunsetdoulas.com

FREE Talk: "Are You Good to Go? Why You Need to Get Your Affairs in Order Now"

Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020, 2:00-3:30 PM

Location: Prescott Public Library

215 E. Goodwin St.

Prescott, AZ 86303

100% of us will die, but fewer than 30% of us have made any preparations for the end of life. This talk walks you through the 4 most important steps you need to take so if you die suddenly, you don’t leave a mess for those you love. Let me know if you'd like to be contacted when I have the new date for this talk!

FREE Talk: “You Can’t Take It with You: Why and How to Downsize Now”

Date:  April 11, 2020, 3:00-4:30 PM   

Location: Prescott Public Library

215 E. Goodwin St.

Prescott, AZ 86303

This talk shares reason to downsize or minimalize your stuff, with some solid tips about HOW to do so, for seniors or anyone who wants to downsize for a simpler, more satisfying life. A motivating, informative and entertaining talk that addresses the mental, emotional and physical aspects of downsizing, thereby enabling attendees to start the downsizing process, begin to prepare their home for sale, and learn to let go so they can move ahead to an active, uncluttered lifestyle. 

This talk presents: 3 key downsizing points, where to start options, how to deal with items which represent memories, lists to begin making, how to determine how much to downsize and why it’s important to start downsizing now – even if you’re undecided where you’ll live.



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